We specialise in the design, integration and management of in-premises digital technology.

The Physical Digital Experience:

Standing out from the crowd in today’s highly competitive commercial landscape has never been harder. Whether you call them customers, patrons, citizens or clients, everyone wants to attract more of them.

Digital technology is a valuable attraction tool.  Display signage and proximity-based messaging are just some of the many digital products being used to attract new business.

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For decades, traditional market research approaches have been used to gather information about consumers and purchase behaviours. Even the most diligent research left gaps in understanding.  And with gaps, comes guesswork.

Physical-digital means less guesswork.

Using data gained from digital networks and devices, businesses can now deliver more personalised, consistent and relevant experiences based on customer needs and expectations in real-time.

Nuon’s resells a range of products and services designed to help you listen to and learn from your customers.  We help you understand them better.

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Cutting through the noise, and engaging customers is a challenge in our omni-channel world.  Physical-digital technology, when strategically deployed, differentiates brands and promotes customer engagement.

From digital screens application to content triggering, Nuon focuses on engagement using a world-class range of hardware and software.

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Convenience is everything to the time-poor and demanding consumer. Purchasing needs to be simple, quick and easy. Nuon helps its clients select the latest ordering and POS systems and platforms. We also offer integrated inventory and transaction solutions.

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Everyone knows it’s more profitable to keep the customers you have than to find new ones. But, retaining customers is an ongoing challenge – they’re fussy, fickle, time-poor and have a breadth of choice. They expect the very best. Today’s consumer is overloaded with marketing messaging 24/7 which is why a positive bricks and mortar customer experience is essential. It’s a business’ precious opportunity to connect meaningfully with its customers and deliver on its brand promise.

Digital technology is supporting breakthroughs in retention, particularly in bricks and mortar environments. We know a great in-store customer experience has a significant impact on customer loyalty.

Nuon works with its clients to realise their customer retention strategies and deliver campaigns using digital technology in-store and through app development.

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